What do I do?

There are so many options out there for getting healthy – weight loss programs, intermittent fasting, coaching that includes food, coaching that doesn’t include food, going vegan, going gluten-free, going dairy free…

Do you feel like you want to scream?

I certainly did when I first started my journey.  Everyone was telling me to do this or do that or that I had to stop this and start that.  I tried being a vegan for awhile but that didn’t stick.  I backed down a bit and tried to live like a pescatarian.  That was good, but I still craved a burger every now and then.  Then I tried cutting out all bread, pasta, pastries, basically anything with wheat.  That worked, but for lunches a sandwich was my go-to.   There were too may “rules” to follow.

Those people that were telling me what to do were not doctors and not experts.  At least they were not experts in ME.  The people telling me what to do did not ask me any questions about me, my situation, my allergies or my emotions regarding food, fitness and body image. 

I finally stopped listening to everyone else and started listening to what my intuition was telling me. I started paying attention to how my body reacted when I ate something and started experimenting with my diet.  I was determined to find out what was right for me.

I wish someone had told me to do that much,  much earlier because it would have helped me decide sooner.  What fires me up so much about this topic is that we live in a society that makes us feel as though we are not making the right choices or not good enough if we go against the grain.  It’s not fun to have peer pressure and yet it may not be healthy to always follow the crowd.

As a coach, I’m not here to tell you what to do.  I’m here to ask questions and help you decide what is right for you.  During my client sessions, I make suggestions and recommendations but will never give you a “one way or the highway” way of thinking regarding food and fitness.  I ask you to think about things differently. I ask you to think about trying different choices, keep a food journal, listen to your body and make the decisions that work for YOU.  I will also offer you science-based information and my own experience in order to help you make an educated decision.  I most certainly will tell you to take baby steps with your changes and know that it’s ok to not be perfect.

What do you do? 

Don’t be scared, don’t feel confused and don’t feel like you’re hitting a wall.  If you’re stuck on what to do with your diet and lifestyle, reach out. Listen to what’s calling you, experiment again and again and THEN decide for yourself.  Ultimately, only you can make the choices because only you can choose the best options for yourself.

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