My 100th Episode

I cannot believe I made it here… My 100th episode! Since I started my podcast, I have taken some breaks due to a bit of burnout and a lot of life. But when I say I love doing this podcast, it’s an understatement.

Initially I was inspired to start the podcast. I felt like I had a story to share. One that could help people lift themselves up from the darkest depths and offer experience and education. Over the years, I’ve shared about my experiences with mental health and anxiety, ways to help you organize your life a bit better and my experience starting a business. Today, on my 100th episode (in blog form), I’m sharing the five things I’ve learned since starting this podcast. If you’re someone that’s thinking about starting a podcast, keep reading…

First and foremost, it takes work. Producing a podcast is not for the faint of heart. Especially if you’re a one-woman-show like me. You have to come up with the ideas, create an outline, record it, edit it, write the show notes and then share it. That last part is something I always forget to do. If you want to try it, do it! But make sure you schedule it so it gets done.

Batching is best. When I go to work on my podcast, I try to record at least two to three episodes in one sitting. That’s usually around four to six hours of work. I devote my Saturdays to working on the podcast because I have a whole chunk of time to work with. Batching helps me get ahead and gives me time to work on other things during the week.

Ideas come from everywhere. I typically get my best ideas when I’m driving. Of course, the one place I can’t write something down. When this happens, I send myself a voice note to remember. But these ideas come from anything I experience – work, life, interactions with people, books I read. So I’ve learned to keep my eyes open.

If you think the podcast market is flooded, then guess what… You’re right. But it’s not too late to start a podcast. Even though there are thousands of podcasts out there, no one is saying things like you do. No one has the exact same thoughts and opinions as you. So if you have this inkling to start a podcast, do it. If it doesn’t feel right, take a break. I have and I still love podcasting.

One of the BEST parts about producing a weekly show is how much fun you have. I get to share stories each week and give a little piece of myself to the world. I’ve cried on podcasts… I’ve laughed on podcasts… And I’ve even given real, raw, authentic motivation and education to kick you in the but.

It’s even opened me up to changing up the way I do podcasts. I’d love to start having guests on the show! It’s been a goal for me for years now. I’m hoping to bring to light in a few months. Crossing my fingers!

If you’re thinking of starting a podcast, I really want you to consider it. You have a story to tell, just like I do and the world really needs to hear it. Here’s to the 100th episode and hopefully 100 more!

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