Essential oils can help people with many conditions, especially those with asthma.  If you’ve ever been curious or almost timid about using oils for managing your symptoms, read on to see how you can do it safely and with confidence. Essential oils can help people with many conditions, especially thoseContinue Reading

Do you know your asthma zones?  If you don’t, you might need to do some research on yourself… If you already know your asthma zones, you’re in great shape! If not, here’s a guide to help you learn them. In the Green Zone, you don’t have any symptoms. You don’tContinue Reading

Trying to get those last minute gifts for the holidays?  You might have people in your life that are super hard to buy for too.  You might even have some health conscious people in your life that want to improve their health.  Maybe even an asthmatic or two.  If youContinue Reading

My husband and I decided to go to Bushkills Falls in Pennsylvania. We both love hiking and thought it would be a perfect thing to do.  We had never been there before but my husband’s boss said “Go right, there’s less stairs.”  Well, as we’re always up for a challenge,Continue Reading

I’m not talking about table salt.  I’m talking about the pink stuff. The Himalayan salt that everyone seems to be raving about lately.  I was curious so I recently went to experience it for myself. I went to visit a dear friend (and true member of my tribe) and weContinue Reading

Have you ever had a moment where you just were so proud of yourself you couldn’t believe it?  I’m not talking about a feeling of being proud of a family member or a friend.  I’m talking about being proud of YOU!  Maybe you had a moment when you remembered all yourContinue Reading

Back in 2013, I ran my first 5K.  While I’ve never been a runner, I decided to run a 5K that involved obstacles because that was more my speed.  Here’s a pic from that race: Yup, totally looks like I’m conquering all, doesn’t it?!  This race was called Tuff ScramblerContinue Reading

I recently I got to try out the Honeywell Console Humidifier and was so excited because I live in New England. When the temperature changes here, sometimes the air gets really dry.  As an asthmatic, the New England weather can be challenging too.  In the winter, I’m bundled up andContinue Reading