You want to simplify your life, but you think it’s too hard? Well guess what, it’s not! Simplifying your life is easier than you think. It’s all about reducing the amount of things that come in that you need to spend energy on and increasing the amount of time youContinue Reading

Let’s talk about meal prepping. Almost everyone talks about it. Many say it’s the best thing for everyone that wants to be healthy, lose weight and not have so much stress surrounding meals. My problem is, there’s a few things they don’t talk about. The people that promote meal preppingContinue Reading

Ok, let’s start with the facts: We only have so much time in our days. We only have ONE trip around this planet. Time is the ONLY constant. Time is one of the biggest things we struggle with. Many of us feel the pull to say yes to every singleContinue Reading

Ok so you look around and you see clutter everywhere. You’re feeling overwhelmed and you have no idea what to do. Well, you’re in luck. To start with, clutter is literally having too much stuff in a small space. It’s also a bunch of things you have lying around justContinue Reading

The honest answer is that every area of your life can be organized. . .and should be organized. Think about your time and your schedule, your to do lists and all the tasks you have on your plate and the things, the physical objects, around you. In this post, I’mContinue Reading

What is disorganization? According to the Oxford Dictionary, it’s the lack of proper planning and control and it’s the inability to plan one’s activities or affairs efficiently. Sounds simple, right? In laymen’s terms, disorganization is allowing life to control you rather than you controlling it. So what does disorganization lookContinue Reading

Systems work wonders! They help create efficiency and add a sense of normalcy to our lives. In this post, I share my Top 5 Systems That Work!Continue Reading

I recently heard someone say that balance is a joke. At first, I thought he was off his rocker. But then I got thinking. About a year and a half ago, I believed in something called “Work/Life Balance”. I believed that having a balance between both worlds was achievable andContinue Reading