Calm Space – How to Create One You Can Enjoy

calm space

Last week, I didn’t post anything. I was feeling exhausted from working my full time job and working more than 20 hours in my own business. It equates to roughly 50 hours per week, which is normal for most people, but not for me. I tried to rest but I realized I needed a calm space to go to.

I started to brainstorm about what I wanted my life to look like and what I want my work space to look like. My office space, where I do almost all my client work, wasn’t as calming as I’d like it to be. There is stuff everywhere! There are piles of paper that need to be sorted, tossed or filed away. And there are things in my office that are there because I don’t really have another place to put them. But if I’m going to work in this room, I need to make it a calming environment.

In order for it to be a calm space, it needs to be inviting, one where I want to go do work and one where I don’t feel on edge the minute I enter the room. So the question arises… How do you make a room feel more calm and relaxing? I came up with four steps to start the process.

First and foremost, keep in mind you can do this with any room. I did this with my office, but these steps work for any room in your house. 

Step 1 – Clean Out the Clutter

Start by going through the piles of paper. Toss what you can, shred the important stuff you don’t want anyone else to see and file away what needs to be saved. If you’re like me and aren’t a fan of a ton of paper, scan your documents and create an electronic filing system. 

Next, determine what actually needs to be in that room. If you’re turning your office into a calm space, you know you need a work space, maybe notepads or notebooks, pens or pencils, proper lighting, etc. A bedroom needs a place to sleep. No, it doesn’t need a television or your cell phone. It should be relaxing with limited distractions. A den or living room needs comfortable seating, maybe a side table, some books to read and something to play soft music.

Step 2 – Bring in Smells that Relax You

Is there a candle that you love the smell of? For me, it’s palo santo. That woodsy and earthy smell immediately puts me into the zen zone. If you’re not a candle lover, bring in a diffuser where you can have more natural smells that disperse into the air. Some candles can have a very strong smell so this can be a great alternative.

If you’re looking for a few smells to bring into your calm space, try lavender, vanilla, ocean breeze or cinnamon. Choose something else that you love if none of these options work for you. 

The trick is, start the diffuser or light the candle a few minutes before you plan to start using the room. When you walk in, you’ll already have the smell throughout the room and feel at peace.

Step 3 – Use Items that will Comfort You

In my office, I have a blanket on my chair. Sometimes the space gets cold and I need something to warm me up. I wrap myself in the blanket and feel comforted instantly. I also have string lights that give off a nice soft glow. It’s just just enough light to work, but not too bright that it feels like I’m in a cubicle. The last item I use regularly is an ambient music player that has the sounds of a fireplace coming out of the speaker. I would say I’ve created a calm space by using all these things.

Decide what you need to make your space feel more calm. You need to feel comforted and relaxed when you use that space. There’s no judgment. You decide what you need in your space.

Step 4 – Make a Point to Use Your Calm Space

Just about every day, I use my office. Mainly because I need to get my client work done but also because I love using that space. It’s peaceful, it’s where I can focus and I’m totally in my element when I’m in there. However, I also make a point to not use my space on the weekends. I want my office to be known as an office and if I’m using it every day, I don’t feel like it’s as sacred. For me, working relates to Monday through Friday, not on the weekends if I can help it.

Use your space with intention. The calm space you create should serve a purpose. Have it be a sanctuary in your own home and use it when you need a minute (or two). 

Most of all, have fun creating your space. You will want to love spending every minute of time there so enjoy the process of making it your own.

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