In a nutshell, I’m a suicide attempt survivor that’s an Enneagram 1w9. Following my attempt, I learned a lot! I learned what I wanted in life and what I didn’t. I didn’t want my anxiety, asthma and bad eye sight to prevent me from doing whatever my heart desired. It took me awhile to figure out what that was, though.

I did all the “right things” growing up… I went to college, got a degree in Psychology and joined the corporate world early on. Because of that career choice, I decided to get a graduate degree in Business Administration but realized pretty quickly, it wasn’t going to help me get closer to the heart-centered work that I wanted.

In the corporate world, I got easily frustrated by how quantity mattered more than quality. I felt overwhelmed on a daily basis and with each role, I kept feeling like a failure for trying to make things better. Those failures taught me more than I knew.

After 14 years, I knew the corporate world was not for me. Yet, the skills I learned could allow me to help others. I became a life coach and focused on helping people learn to focus on what they could control. Things like organizing pieces of their life, being mindful about the time spent online and how to find their passion. I’m not perfect, but I love helping others by sharing what I’ve learned. Especially the fact that you do not have to work a corporate job forever if it’s not for you.

Today, I work as an Executive Admin for a realty company in Southeastern Massachusetts and run a business full time helping others grown their own business. I blend everything I learned in the corporate world about structure, documentation and organization with the mindfulness behind psychology and life coaching and the fun and hard work associated with creating a business. From creating and organizing systems to the creativity of graphic design and marketing materials, I do just about anything my clients need. And I get to sit back and watch their businesses grow. I love it!

Running a heart-centered business is what matters most to me. Not only do I care about my clients’ businesses, I care about them on a personal level too. The work is not just about the work. It’s about feeling good about what I’ve done at the end of the day.