In a nutshell, I’m a suicide attempt survivor, an anxiety conqueror, an Enneagram 1w9, a lover of strong coffee and can create a kick-ass charcuterie board. But the longer story involves a heck of a lot more.

I’m also an asthmatic, a wife, momma to two adorable fur babies, a college grad that hasn’t worked a day in her field and grad school graduate that has never used her degree. I get easily overwhelmed by clutter and chaos but have found ways to manage both. I have failed over and over again, but those failures have taught me so much along the way.

After having my own struggles and challenges, and seeing changes, I knew I had to use what I’ve learned to help others organize and manage their lives. I’m not perfect, I’m just super passionate about sharing my story and helping others learn that there is better way to live – the happy, healthy way!

You can live a happy, healthy life too!

Life throws hurdles at us way from time to time, but there are strategies you can use to manage your life, decide where and how you spend your time and say buh-bye to that feeling of overwhelm that surrounds you.

Because of the challenges we face, we are bound to feel stress and anxiety. But you can learn to use that stress as fuel and even remove some of it by getting help where you need it most, so you can do the things only you can do.

And while there may be clutter and disorganization around you, you can learn to see them as opportunities instead of road blocks. These opportunities become the doorways that open the path to an organized your life.

Together, let’s find the happy, healthy life you deserve.