Home Office Success

Trust me when I say, I love working from my home office! It’s a place that’s quiet, I can shut the door to have a bit of privacy and play some calming music in the background while I work. I’ve even set it up so I can sit, stand and even pedal while I’m working. But this love didn’t happen overnight. It took time for me to set up, just the way I like it.

If you don’t have a space in your home you absolutely love, I want to encourage you to make one. The reason I think home offices are so important is that having a physical space or area just for doing certain tasks lets you be more focused when you enter it. A “home office” doesn’t have to be a full room, like I have. It just has to be a private space for you to go when you want to work, pay bills or just be by yourself.

I bet having a space like this is something you’re craving. That’s why I’m giving you my best tips to help you set up a home office for success! These are things I did to help me and I bet they’ll help you too.

Choose your home office space wisely

Whether you pick a full room or just the corner of a room, choose wisely. Make sure it’s in a place you’ll actually go every day. If it’s in the basement, it will probably be out of sight, out of mind. But if you choose the corner of your living room, you’re more than likely to use it. And remember, this space should be used for a specific task – working, reading, etc. Designating the space for a specific task helps with the mental transition from life to whatever you use the space for.

Make sure to have comfy seating

If you’re going to be in the space for long periods of time, make sure the seating is comfortable. If you have chair, it should be supportive. Not only for your back, but for your bum too. The desk should be the right height too. Ergonomics is incredibly important for working and maintaining concentration. If you have the option, get a desk that transitions from sitting to standing.

Seeing is believing

If you can’t see well in a space, you’re not going to want to stay there long. You need to have light that reduces eye strain and allows you to work from dawn to dusk. No, you won’t be working that entire time, but you do want the opportunity to work there whenever you want. If you can, position your home office near a window so you can have natural light. If that’s not an option, use lighting fixtures that change as time goes on.

The right are important

What tools do you need for your home office? If you’re writing a book, maybe a laptop. Sending post-holiday thank you cards? Then you probably need stationary. Regardless of the task, you need to make sure you have the right tools to do your specific work. The fun part about this is that you can get matching desk accessories that are cute and stylish to keep everything organized.

Create a routine for using your home office

This biggest thing about creating a home office is that you want to use that space each and every day. Plan out when you’ll use your space. How many days do you want to use it each week? How much time do you want to be in the space when you do use it? In addition to the time, you want to continue to have a purpose for going there. Keep a running list of the activities you’ll do when you’re in there.

Create home office boundaries

When you enter your home office, in order to stay focused, you’ll need to remove any and all distractions. Leave your cell phone outside of the boundaries of that space, unless it’s truly needed. Tell your family that when you’re in that space, you’re working and cannot be disturbed. Adding boundaries around when you use your home office, for how long and what you do there will be key for productivity.

Make the space your own

This is my favorite tip and why I now love my office so much. Bring in personal touches that are inviting and make you want to be in that space. If you love flowers and plants, add some greenery. If you need motivation, add some cool wall art with uplifting sayings. You need reminders for why you want to be in that space so do whatever you need to to make it feel like home.

Creating a home office was one of the best things I ever did. It has helped me be more productive, stay focused for longer periods of time and get so much more done. And I know it can help you do the same!

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