100 Things to Throw Away

throw away

How do you feel when you throw away something? Is it hard? Some things are easy to toss, like trash and broken items. Other things are a bit harder… Family heirlooms, clothing from a loved one that’s passed away… But I found this list on A Cultivated Nest that opened my eyes and I knew it would make life easier.

If you’ve never heard of A Cultivated Nest, you have GOT to follow them! I found them years ago and immediately subscribed to their newsletter, which you need to do. I got this freebie when I subscribed called 100 Things to Throw Away Today and there were TONS of things on that list that make so much sense yet we don’t often think about. Because I want you to subscribe to their list, I’m only sharing with you give. thatI thought were game changers. Here we go…

Item 1 to Throw Away – Old Greeting Cards

This one I bet is going to immediately turn you off but hear me out. We receive greeting cards throughout the year – holiday cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards, etc. But what do you actually do with them all? Keeping all of them will simply take up room in your home. So I have a compromise for you.

Item 2 to Toss Right Now – Old School or Art Projects

To the mom and dads out there, don’t hate me. No, I don’t have kids, but these documents and artwork can become piles and piles of paper in your home. Not only does it cause clutter in your home but it’s also a fire hazard! You can only hold onto so many of these documents and let’s be real, you only have so much room on the fridge.

Instead, take pictures of everything that you’d want to save and make a book on one of those websites, like Shutterfly [no, this is not a sponsored post]. Then you throw away all the actual documents and clear up some space in your home. I suggest doing this type of book every year or break it up into Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten and Elementary School so you’ll have memories from each block of their life. If they have things you want to retain for Junior High School and High School, do books for those years too!

Item 3 to Get Rid of Immediately – Clothes that No Longer Fit

Here’s another one that was on the list and might test some people’s’ patience. Let’s say you’ve lost weight… But you’re worried that you might gain it all back and go back to your previous size. Or you’ve gained weight and know that you want to lose weight again at some point. If that’s the case, you’re living in a fear-based mindset, Friend. Instead of holding onto clothes that might fit into someday, be happy with the size you are NOW!

If you just can’t bring yourself to throw them away this minute, give yourself a deadline. Six months… A year… Whatever the deadline is, set it and stick to it! Once that deadline comes and goes, donate, sell or throw away those old clothes. Don’t get yourself stuck in the scared zone. Be happy with where you are, right here, right now. And if all else fails, go shopping!

Item 4 to Throw Away STAT – Product Manuals + Takeout Menus

Yup, I said it. How many product manuals do you have in your home right now? How many takeout menus? I know I’ve got at least 20 product manuals and at least 10 takeout menus. Did you know you can get most of those online nowadays? Yup, both product manuals and takeout menus can be found online thanks to Google.

Besides, how many times have you called your favorite restaurant to order the dish you were craving, only to find out they no longer serve that dish? It’s happened to me a number of times. That’s because those takeout menus get updated regularly so you’re almost guaranteed to have one that’s out of date. Instead of holding onto all the paper, create a folder in your favorites or bookmarks of your web browser. You’ll still have easy access but you won’t have the clutter.

Item 5 is My Favorite – Anything that No Longer Works

Ha! Crazy, right?! Burned out light bulbs, dead batteries, used up pens and highlighters, broken cell phones… I could go on and on. How many things can you think of in your house right now that doesn’t work? If you said nothing, I’m calling you out!

Do you have expired cleaners, makeup, food or medicine? Yup, I bet you said you had some of those. Why do we keep these things around after they’re expired and/or no longer working? Maybe it’s because the kind of work. Maybe it’s because we might fix that thing someday. I’m not sure what the real answer is but stop doing this! If things don’t work anymore, toss them or bring them to the recycling center in your town. Besides, it’s not healthy to keep these things around anyway.

For the full list, make sure you go over to A Cultivated Nest and get on their list. You’ll have access to this list, plus so many other resources that can help you organize your life.

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