Thinking about starting a side hustle? Want to know how to find clients? Don’t think you can manage the workload? I’m sharing how I started, where I found clients and what I did to manage everything.Continue Reading

Each year, millions of people set resolutions. Many of those people will never complete these resolutions because they mess up once and decide to give up. It may be because they lose motivation or because they don’t have an accountability partner. I think it’s because they try to do tooContinue Reading

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I’m talking about a period. No one seems to talk about this subject. It’s something all women live with, but it’s still taboo. It’s been around since the existence of Adam and Eve, well, more Eve, but you get the point. But why don’t we talk about it more? WhileContinue Reading

Ever said this to yourself or someone else? I know I have. When I look back on the times I’ve said this, in many cases, the things that I wanted were frivolous or material. After doing a lot of soul searching and research, I’ve realized that it’s human nature toContinue Reading