7 ways to celebrate your life

Each year, millions of people set resolutions. Many of those people will never complete these resolutions because they mess up once and decide to give up. It may be because they lose motivation or because they don’t have an accountability partner. I think it’s because they try to do too much at the same time. Instead of giving up this year, why not make a resolution and work it differently.

Instead of making multiple resolutions this year, I want you to make one. That resolution is to celebrate your life. Instead of choosing something with a negative connotation – “lose 15lbs because I’m fat” or “stop spending money to get out of debt” – choose to celebrate all the good things in life.

Below are 7 ways to celebrate your life and add more positivity into the world this year. Choose one to start and continue the positivity train throughout the year.

  1. Get yourself flowers. – Flowers tend to make people smile. They are seen as a symbol of love, happiness and gratefulness. Yet we wait for someone to give them to us. Instead, go purchase or pick some flowers for yourself and allow yourself to have a smile every time you see them.
  2. Show off your assets. – We tend to bring ourselves down by saying negative things when we look in the mirror. Our butt is too big, our waist isn’t small enough, our skin isn’t clear, etc. This year, show off the love you have for yourself by wearing clothes, jewelry and makeup that makes you feel good.
  3. Travel to your favorite destination. – What place have you been that just makes you feel complete? It could be the beach that’s close to your home or the mountains that take two hours to get to. It doesn’t have to be a far off place but it has to be a place that is special to you. Find it and go there.
  4. Volunteer your time. – When we volunteer, we feel good because we’re giving back to our community. Volunteering allows you to use your skills and your heart to help someone else. Choose the charity that warms your heart and add a boost of happiness to your life and someone else’s.
  5. Party with friends and family. – Take a second to look at your life. Think of the 3-5 people that are closest to you in terms of emotion, spirituality, love, support and commonalities. These people are your tribe. They are the ones to spend the most time with because they’ll add value to your life and you’ll do the same for them.
  6. Cross off a Bucket List item. – We all have big dreams that we think are out of our reach. Take a trip to Bali, purchase a sail boat or be debt free. Choose one of those Bucket List items, break that dream down into baby steps and decide to make it happen for you.
  7. Get professional photos taken. – Getting photos taken was something people did to remember moments in time. Think about the photos that are taken each year in school or the family photos that are taken during special events. Professional photos can act as artwork for your home, gifts for friends or family or memories you’ll cherish forever.

You now have 7 ways to celebrate your life this year. I’m sure you can come up with many more but start here. Choose one and decide to make it happen. Don’t worry about the resolutions, go add some positivity into the world and celebrate your life this year.

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