Thinking about starting a side hustle? Want to know how to find clients? Don’t think you can manage the workload? I’m sharing how I started, where I found clients and what I did to manage everything.Continue Reading

Positive Thinking

I never considered used positive thinking. Instead, I always considered myself a realist. But that eventually changed for me when I joined a MLM [multi-level marketing] company. I won’t name which one, because they’re all similar in relation to mindset, but joining one truly changed me. When I joined, IContinue Reading

Each year, millions of people set resolutions. Many of those people will never complete these resolutions because they mess up once and decide to give up. It may be because they lose motivation or because they don’t have an accountability partner. I think it’s because they try to do tooContinue Reading

It’s National Stress Awareness Day! And I want to know two things. . . Are you aware of your stress levels? What are some of your symptoms you experience with stress? If you’re not aware of your stress levels, you need to be. Stress not only harms our minds andContinue Reading