Your Thoughts Have Power


I’ve never been big into manifesting. The Secret is a book I’ve read but I only half-heartedly believed it. Growing up, the glass was always half empty too. I remember calling myself a realist, not a pessimist and actually believed my own crap. Recently, I had a chance to participate in a manifestation challenge and now I’m a BIG believer that your thoughts have power.

The Manifestation Challenge

It took me over 30 years to believe that my thoughts have power, but friend, let me tell you – THEY DO! I recently took part in Gabby Bernstein’s Manifestation Challenge and it changed me. If you have never heard of her, you need to look her up. She’s a spiritual guru that I learned about a few years ago when I attended IIN. I connected with her almost immediately because she’s not a woo-woo type of spiritual guru. She’s real, authentic, doesn’t sugar coat things and tells you like it is. I relate to that.

Her challenge has happened for a few years and something at the end of 2021 told me I needed to participate in it. I signed up me and a friend and I prepared for the 21 days I knew would be coming. Out of those 21 days, I managed to accomplish 18. While that doesn’t sound like a huge feat, it was for me. Not only because I’ve never been a believer in manifestation, but also because I started to notice things changing. I started to see how my thoughts really did have power.

One of our tasks during this challenge was to choose a sign. The purpose of this sign is to help steer you in the right direction, answer a question that’s been on your mind and help you understand where the path you’re on. Seeing as though I live in the Northeast and it’s the winter, I naturally chose a purple flower. I honestly did not believe I would see one, especially in January. Low and behold, about a week later, I got my sign.

One morning I decided to look at Facebook memories. It’s extremely rare that I look at these and for whatever reason, that morning something pulled on my heart telling me to do it. This was my sign. ➡️

It was a card with a quote that read Everything changes and nothing stands still. And the card had a purple flower. Seriously?! I was blown away but had zero clue what it meant. I pondered the quote for a few days and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was trying to figure out what my next move was going to be. Would I continue offering coaching services or would I replace those services with the administrative services I love to do?

Everything changes and nothing stands still. It was my reminder that it’s ok to make changes, try new things and continue to evolve. This sign reinforced the belief that manifestation really does work.

Don’t believe me? Here are a few more examples:

Your Thoughts Have Power – Example 2

I had a soccer game scheduled for 10:00 PM. Yes, you read that right…10:00 PM!!!! Staying up that late was not going to be fun for me because I am an early bird. I go to bed around 8:30 PM and asleep by 9:30 PM. I was literally dreading it. The week before I kept telling myself how awful it was going to be to have to stay up that late and somehow play an athletic sport. Turns out, I wasn’t going to have to play. All those thoughts, led me to getting sick. I was down and out with COVID for 11 days. With all the coughing and shortness of breath, and not to mention not wanting anyone else to get sick, there was no way I was going to that game.

The Universe listened to my thoughts about not wanting to play a 10:00 PM game and it gave me exactly what I wanted. Just not in a good way. Instead of just giving me the night off, it gave me a virus that forced me to rest when I wanted to support my team, despite dreading the late start time of the game. Funny how that works, isn’t it?!

Your Thoughts Have Power – Example 3

When I started the Manifestation Challenge, we were told to set an intention. Many other challengers said they wanted to have more money or find the love of their life. The only thing that kept coming to me was I want to love my home. Sounds simple enough and not something you’d expect, right? I went with it because I didn’t want to force some other thought just to fall in line with what the other challengers were saying. What’s interesting about this intention is that a few weeks before, my husband and I chose the living room as the “project” for the year. I want to love my home was my intention before I even knew it was my intention.

We started painting the furniture we had to give it new life and save some money. Once all the pieces were painted, we had to figure out the biggest piece of furniture – the couch. Everyone around me was saying to start looking as soon as possible because most places didn’t have anything in stock and if we found something we liked, it probably wouldn’t be ready for months. We checked two places, didn’t see anything we were in love with and then found something online that we could check out at a local store. My husband went, checked out the couch and loved it. When he asked the salesman when we could expect it, he was told one week. How is that possible in a world where everything else is backordered and out of stock? Manifesting. That’s how.

What Do I Think About Manifesting Now?

I’m honestly a believer. Manifesting was always a concept I didn’t think was possible for me. Maybe I thought it was too woo-woo or something, but I never really put any effort into it. After participating in the Manifestation Challenge, I am here to tell you it is real and it works! There are a few key pieces I want you to know, though.

  1. You are not totally in control. – What you ask for doesn’t necessarily come to you when you want it. Your answer or sign comes to you when the Universe thinks it’s the right time for you to receive that message. The sign I chose during the challenge came to me after I had been contemplating a change for quite some time. I didn’t know what I wanted to do yet and the Universe brought me that sign when I was fully ready to make a decision.
  2. You still have to put in some effort. – You can’t just say something and then it will happen. Manifesting doesn’t work like that. Even after you tell the Universe what you want, you still need to do some soul searching, research and thinking for yourself. We still had to look for the couch we wanted for our living room. It wasn’t possible to say “We want a new couch” and then poof, a new couch would arrive on our doorstep. The weekend trips to the furniture store were worth all the drive time and effort, though.
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