Podcasts I’m feeling right now

I don’t know about you but I LOVE podcasts! Podcasts are one of my favorite things to listen to because they truly fill my cup. If you have never listened to a podcast before, think of it like listening to a talk show and getting entertained for an hour. The topics range from news to education to motivation and much, much more. Today, I’m going to bring you the podcasts I’m totally feeling right now! 

Cabinet of Curiosities – The first is the Cabinet of Curiosities Podcast from Aaron Mahnke. I’m a huge history buff and any stories about the past are right up my alley. Some of the stories from the past are strange, unexplainable or bizarre. And this podcast dives into those stories, the people that were involved and the odd origins of the stories. 

Start Today Morning Show – Number 2 is the Start Today Morning Show from Rachel & Dave Hollis. If you’re like me, you are not a morning person. But the humor that comes at you so early in the morning is insane in a wonderful way. They talk about pop culture, strange experiences from life, being a human and so much more! This one is a MUST listen to.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking – My third recommendation for you is the Terrible, Thanks for Asking podcast. This podcast gives me all the feels! The host, Nora, brings you stories that are honest, painful and sometimes sad. While it might sound like a downer, I promise you this podcast is not that. The stories help you to feel human and be uplifted by the end of the show.

The Minimalists – Number 4 is The Minimalists. While I’m not a minimalist, in the past year I have realized how great it is to live life with less. Josh & Ryan discuss different areas of life to keep in mind when it comes to living more mindfully. They teach you to use things and not people and live a more meaningful life…with less.

The Moth – The last podcast I really think you should consider listening to is The Moth. Think of the best storytellers, sharing stories of heartbreak, war, love and compassion. That is The Moth. Celebrities, authors and former gangsters all share their stories and pull at your heart strings.

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