There are so many options out there for getting healthy – weight loss programs, intermittent fasting, coaching that includes food, coaching that doesn’t include food, going vegan, going gluten-free, going dairy free… Do you feel like you want to scream? I certainly did when I first started my journey.  EveryoneContinue Reading

Inflammation is the big buzz word. It happens because of what we eat and how we treat our bodies. Prepping your food is one way you can help prevent it.Continue Reading

Around the holidays, we all tend to get a little stressed. Sometimes our lives even get out of control.  We tend to lose a little bit of our focus and deter from the path we’re on.  A diversion from the path you’re on can be a good thing, but notContinue Reading

Have you ever been stressed and just want your favorite food?  For me, it’s sweets.  For others, it might be something salty.  And if you go even further, it might be an adult beverage.  Here’s my question to you… When you get stressed, what do you do? Do you eatContinue Reading

Not all carbohydrates are created equal. There’s a difference in the types of carbohydrates and I want to help you understand how not to be afraid of carbs.Continue Reading