Good carbs vs. Bad carbs

People are always talking about carbs, how bad carbs are for you and how you shouldn’t eat them.  But, there’s a difference in carbs.  Many people don’t know the difference and don’t realize there are some good carbs out there.

To start, let’s talk about what a carbohydrate actually is.  

A carbohydrate is a compound found in foods that contain sugars or starches.  It can be broken down to release energy.

good carbohydrate has a slower rate of absorption which means you don’t get the spike insulin, but rather it helps maintain more natural insulin levels.  It’s also not processed and is only one ingredient.  Think of the produce section in the market you shop – fruits and veggies.

bad carbohydrate is just the opposite.  When eaten, it gives a drastic increase in insulin in the blood which can sometimes cause jitteriness and the crash later on.  This drastic increase can cause more fat stores.  Why?  Because insulin is the hormone that helps create the fat stores.  Remember, fat doesn’t necessarily make you fat, carbohydrates can.

Cherries are all natural, organic and one ingredient. This is an example of a good carbohydrate.

Cheese crackers are processed and definitely not organic. This would be considered a bad carbohydrate.

So what do  the bad carbs do to your body?  

Bad carbs cause the spike in insulin, then resulting in the additional fat stores.  I am someone that loves carbs!  

Thinking back on my life, I grew up on quick meals like pasta and snacks like cookies and crackers.  Knowing the difference is helpful because you can eat carbs and not be afraid.

One of my favorite lists comparing the good carbs versus the bad carbs is on my Pinterest page.  On that same board, you can find many ideas for clean snacks, food swaps and much more.  

Make sure to connect with me on Pinterest as new content is always being posted.  I’m sharing this message about carbs today because I want to help you avoid or counteract what these bad carbs can do to your body.  Now that you know there’s a difference, feel comfortable choosing the good carbs when you’re doing your shopping.

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