Lost, But I’m Found

Have you ever felt lost?  I know I have.   Lately I’ve been looking at my life and realizing how crazy things are.  Despite how busy I feel, I’ve been feeling very alone lately.  Let me explain.

I grew up surrounded by people, and always seemed to have a lot of friends.  My circle may have been small, but it was there all through high school and college.  As I got older, I started to work more and I ultimately found a job that I liked.  I even made friends at that job.  We’d make plans, hang out on the weekends and life was good.  Now, most of these friends have kids.  I don’t.  And part of me feels left out.  Because I don’t have kids, I’m not included in a lot of things anymore.  Instead, my “kid” is my business and it’s in the toddler stage, which means it needs a lot of attention.  Finding a balance can be tough.

As I work on building my business, and work toward my ultimate goal of freedom, I have realized that this is, and will be, a lonely process.  My business is me, myself and I.  That means working on my passion every single day.  Where does that leave time for relationships?  It barely does.  My circle of friends has shrunk.  Am I ok with it?  Not really.  But then I think about it and realize that the people who are still with me are my true supporters.  They are in my tribe and will always have a place next to me.  And the others that have faded away, well they’re still in my mind, but not in the forefront anymore.

The relationship that means the most to me is the one that I have with my direct support – my husband.  I try to set aside one night a week to have some us time.  It’s usually Fridays because at the end of the week, we all need a break.  Sometimes I try to plan something and it doesn’t actually work out.  When that used to happen, it would destroy me.  I would cry and I would get angry.  I felt like it was breaking me down to the point where I couldn’t handle anything anymore.  

Today is better.  We all experience times where our relationships struggle, but to continue down the same path means going to the dark side.  

How do you fix it? Form a plan, create a timeline and take a breath.   The breather is the best part.  It is needed…desperately.  It helps you realize not everything is as bad as it seems.  Instead of being bad, it’s more of an uphill challenge.  So your journey toward freedom and a better life might take longer and your circle of friends might get smaller but in the end, it is yours and is being done your way.  

How will you handle the anxiety and stress along the way?  It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.  Use meditation, self-care techniques, proper nutrition, scheduling your time and taking time off. You will be able to work through the challenges ahead of you.  

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