Stressed Much?

When you’re stressed, life feels like it’s caving in on you. Like the world is out to get you. But there are ways of coping.

One of the things I use to manage my stress level is exercise.  And when I don’t exercise, I notice my mental health deteriorates.  Over the past month, I’ve been dealing with some crazy stuff and boy, has it been a stressful!  Needless to say, I have allowed myself to slack a bit and not exercise as much as I should. I know everyone goes through ups and downs but the question is…

What do you do during the stressful time?  

First, and foremost, acknowledge that the stressful period of time will pass. I know it can feel like you’re in a movie and the suspense is killing you because it’s not getting to the climax fast enough. 

Keep up with your nutrition.   Even if your life is crazy, your nutrition may be the one thing you can control.  Pay attention to your portions. Your weight won’t change too much if you pay attention.

And remember, you will get back on track.

If you can’t control the time you have available to you, find pieces of your life that you control and focus on those.  And find the people you can turn to when you need to.  

If you’re in a position where you need need support, contact me!  At the end of the day, remember to keep your head up and know that things can get better if you will them to.

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