Post-it Notes

Most of us know what a post-it note is and why we use it. If you don’t, a post-it note is a small (or larger) piece of paper with a sticky backing that allows you to hang it up somewhere. They can be used for reminders, to help plan outContinue Reading

Summer is approaching. Is your stress increasing too? In this article, I’ll share why some of those jitters come on and how to handle them. Continue Reading


This is one of my favorite week’s – it’s National Introverts Week! Yes, it’s a pseudo holiday week, but it’s one where every introvert has a chance to educate people about us and who we really are. Each week this week [March 21st – 27th, 2022] I’m sharing posts onContinue Reading


The honest answer is, I don’t know. Only you can decide if hiring someone to help you in life or with your business is right for you. I’m going to try and help you make that decision by going through what an assistant actually is, how they can help and ways to determine if it’s the right time to hire one.Continue Reading