Struggling with Time Management?

time management

Do you have time management issues? If you’re struggling to find time in your day to get things done, keep reading. Regardless if you’re a business owner or not, what I’m about to share can really help you find more time in your day.

I used to struggle big time! I hated being forced into doing certain tasks on certain days. I know it sounds like laziness, but I promise, it’s not. I just wanted a day off… A day to do nothing… A day to do absolutely whatever I wanted. I call it “White Space”. So instead of planning my days, I just flew by the seat of my pants. That was fun, but it didn’t work out too well. I learned quickly that it was not going to help me long term.

Over time, and with lots of growth, I’ve developed a few habits that help me manage my time wisely. We all know time management is crucial for being productive, advancing in our careers and having the luxury of having free time. Especially if you want to build something simultaneously while you work full time. That’s why I’m sharing a few tips that helped me create my routines and a few that are new to me.

Tip 1 – A Detailed Schedule IS Time Management

Every Sunday, I plan my week ahead. I know things can go awry, but generally speaking, they go according to the plan I create. I take a look at what I have for meetings, appointments and date-specific tasks and note them in my planner. In addition to that, I set goals and targets for myself that are realistic. Doing this on a weekly basis lets me see what’s on my plate. It helps me shift stuff around on the days I have appointments and prevents me from overcommitting to anything.

Tip 2 – Time Block Your Schedule

This tip goes right along with Tip 1. In my planner, I write down when I’m working my full time job and when I’m working my side hustle. Right now, I work 9am – 3pm at my job and have the ability to work 4pm – 9pm at my side hustle. During each of those hours, I designate what specific tasks I’ll be working on. This is incredibly helpful when I’m doing work for my clients. Here’s an example:

I have multiple clients that I provide copywriting services for, specifically for their email marketing. Instead of doing those tasks on separate days, I do them consecutively. This helps me focus on that one specific task and gets me in the mindset of writing copy that’s engaging and intriguing. I get the work done faster and more accurately.

Tip 3 – Automation IS Time Management

I used to be against things like ChatGPT when it first started. Like many others, I knew it was a form of copying and I just wasn’t a fan. But after trying ChatGPT, I changed my mind. It’s just a tool in my toolbox now, like many of the other platforms I use. A few others that help me automate my time include my customer relationship manager (“CRM”), my scheduler for social media posts and my meeting coordinator. The key is to find things you do you repeatedly and create systems for those tasks.

Tip 4 – Take Breaks

Have you ever heard of the Pomodoro Method? I’ve been doing something similar for a while, but never knew what it was called. Essentially you take breaks in between your work every 20 to 25 minutes. You can get up and take a walk, go get a drink of water, do a few squats… The key is to stop working for a few minutes. Doing this now only prevents burnout, it also helps you maintain concentration and increase focus. If you need to, set a timer but try this tip. I do it now and it helps so much.

Tip 5 – Be Like Ike

This one is a new one for me. Ike Eisenhower developed this method and it’s truly eye opening.

time management

It’s called the Eisenhower Matrix and you have four quadrants:

  • Important & Urgent
  • Important & Not Urgent
  • Not Important & Urgent
  • Not Important & Not Ugent

What you do is take your task list and put them in the quadrant that fits. You’ll end up seeing what’s really critical to your business, what you can delegate and what you can eliminate from your list.

This is one method I’ll surely be trying this month.

I challenge you to try one or more of these methods and see how your time management improves.

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