The voices in your head

Do you ever feel like you have voices in your head?  Like someone marching around with a megaphone saying things over and over again?  Sometimes I do.  I’m not crazy and neither are you!

I relate it to the angel and the devil on our shoulders.  The personalities living inside of our head that have a 3-way conversation with us about this or that, what decisions to make and what actions to decide on.  Whether you see it this way or as the person with the megaphone, you need to start listening.

These voices can either help us or hurt us.  They can cause us to make wild choices about which path to take or can make us live a life that’s stagnant.  If we’re not listening, we might not be taking the advice like we should.

Let’s talk about how you can tune in and start paying attention to these voices.  

Let me given you a few examples of scenarios that might pop up for you.

Example 1:  It’s Friday night and your friends really want you to go out after work.  Part of you wants to but the other part of you wants to go home because you’ve got the early morning yoga class.  One voice [the angel] says to go home, get some rest and be ready for yoga in the morning.  The other voice [the devil] says you need to go out for a few drinks with your friends.  What do you do?

Example 2:  You’re on your commute to work and listening to your favorite radio station, a podcast or meditation mantra.  While that’s playing in the background, you suddenly get this urge to travel to a place you’ve never been.  You start to have this internal conversation.  You have no idea why you feel drawn to this place, but in your mind you go back and forth – do I stay or do I go.  Do you listen to the voice and figure out what it means or do you ignore it?

How did you handle these scenarios? Where do you find your answers? You listen. That voice that’s deep inside will tell you.  Meditation, self-care and mindful practices can help that voice become louder.  In just 10 minutes a day you can have life changing results!  Make a plan to sit quietly, listen to music or day dream and you will have the answers.  

These voices can help lead you down a path that you never knew was open to you.  I challenge you to start opening your mind more and paying attention to those little voices.  I’d love to hear what comes out for you!  

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