I am a self-proclaimed weirdo. So what?!  You’re probably thinking two things: A – She’s crazy!  She looks like she’s got her shit together! OR B – I get it.  I’m like her. If you’re thinking A, well, I’m going to fill you in and trust me, I do notContinue Reading

We say sorry a lot.  Maybe not all of us out there, but a lot of women say it a lot. I am one of those women that used to say it all the time.  We say it for bumping into someone, when we don’t pass in a project onContinue Reading

You must learn a new way to think before you can muster a new way to be. – Marianne Williamson This quote got me thinking.  In order to make our lives better and find out who we really are (or are going to be), we must change the way weContinue Reading

Have you ever been stressed and just want your favorite food?  For me, it’s sweets.  For others, it might be something salty.  And if you go even further, it might be an adult beverage.  Here’s my question to you… When you get stressed, what do you do? Do you eatContinue Reading

Staying healthy doesn’t only pertain to her nutrition and fitness. It can be through your financial situation too.  Clothes take up a big portion of most people’s budgets because it doesn’t only include ourselves. It includes our family members too!  According to a study done by the University of Michigan,Continue Reading

I’m all about balance.  That even includes having a little fun every now and then.  Including having a cocktail with friends. In Massachusetts, where I’m located, we do not have Happy Hour but I know a lot of other states do. What does that mean for you?  It can meanContinue Reading

Sometimes you feel like you have to say no and sometimes you feel like you can’t say no.  Keep in mind, saying no can be good for your health.Facing burnout is a very real thing.  And it can be very damaging for your mind and our body.  In a past post,Continue Reading

Saving money is a big deal right now!  People are trying to pay off their debt fast so they can live a more free life.  You’re probably wondering how to do it, but still have some fun?  Here are five healthy ways to save money, but still enjoy your life.Continue Reading

It’s the weekend of July 4th. I see all the posts on social media about the parties and barbecues taking place, but what I don’t see is the celebration of our freedom.  Since Independence Day is when the United States adopted the Declaration of Independence and gained it’s freedom, itContinue Reading

Ever heard of a little thing called The Secret?  If not, you need to read the book.  The Secret is all about the Law of Attraction and really getting everything you want out of life.  The Law of Attraction is the theory that if you want something, you have toContinue Reading