Ever heard that saying “It’s a good day to be happy”?  That saying could really apply to any day of the week.  Let’s take Monday, for example.  For most people, Mondays can be hard.  It’s the start of the week, no one wants to go back to work and ifContinue Reading

Ever been in a high-pressure situation and I nail it? When that happens, you’re proud and want to celebrate.  How should you reward yourself?  Most people reward themself with food or beverages, adult beverages even.   When you go to celebrate, do you go out for dinner and drinks?  DoContinue Reading

Here are my three tips for getting yourself out of Vacation Mode and getting back into reality a little easier. 1. The last night of your vacation, go to bed on time. When I say “go to bed on time”, I mean go to bed at whatever time your normallyContinue Reading

Whenever I’ve been on vacation, I notice something about the way I feel.  Yes, I’m calm and relaxed and I’m having fun, but my body is not in love with the changes. If you’re like me, vacation mode may not be the best thing. I always try to stick to aContinue Reading

Have you ever used “dirty little words”? You know the ones I’m talking about. The one I want to talk about in this post is “can’t”. When you use the word can’t, it triggers a reaction in your brain that makes you think that whatever you’re using that word inContinue Reading

The answer can be different for everyone.  However, I would recommend it for everyone.  In this post, I share some information about meditation, some apps to help you practice the skill and how it could work for you. What is meditation anyway? The definition is the written or spoken discourseContinue Reading

One thing I’ve been noticing lately (a lot lately) is how the American population tends to always be on the go all the time. With no rest or relaxation too!  Whether they’re working at their 9-5, participating in family obligations or just doing meaningless activities that don’t necessarily add value to theirContinue Reading

Have you ever really thought about “your story”?  I hadn’t really given it much thought.  A few years ago, I was asked to share my story and I had to really think back.   It all starts where everyone’s story starts. . .birth. I was born with asthma.  No one knewContinue Reading

In the past, I’ve worked a desk job. That desk job doesn’t always allow for a lot of movement and healthy eating. You probably already know, but a lack of physical activity can create an onset of many health risks, but what do you do if you’re in a deskContinue Reading

Ever heard someone tell you to listen to your body?  Yup, I have heard that all the time.  Yet, how often do we really listen to it?!  Not much, I bet. Guess what? It knows what’s it’s talking about.  I used to be one of those people that didn’t listenContinue Reading