3 tips for getting out of vacation mode

Here are my three tips for getting yourself out of Vacation Mode and getting back into reality a little easier.

1. The last night of your vacation, go to bed on time.

When I say “go to bed on time”, I mean go to bed at whatever time your normally do.  If you’re usually shutting off the lights at 9pm, then that’s when you should go to bed.  Yes, it’s the last day of your vacation, but do you really need to stay out until 2am?  Listen to your body to find out what time your bed time should be and stick to it.

2. Make sure you take a day off after you get home.

This is one of my rules.  I always take off the day after I get back from vacation.  I do this so I can recoup and get things back in order – the laundry, shopping for food, meal prep, etc.  It helps me ease back into my normal routine and feel like I’m myself again.  If you absolutely cannot take off the day after you get home, then try to go easy at work.  Easier said than done, but it will help.

3. When you’re in Vacation Mode, don’t stray too far from your normal routine.

This tip is HUGE because it’s the most important.  Staying as close as you can to your normal routine will help you feel like there isn’t anything to get out of when you come home.  Yes, you will have gone somewhere else, had more relaxation than you normally get and eaten a little differently, but sticking to your routine will help you feel like the only thing that changed is the location.

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