The law of attraction

Ever heard of a little thing called The Secret?  If not, you need to read the book.  The Secret is all about the Law of Attraction and really getting everything you want out of life.  The Law of Attraction is the theory that if you want something, you have to believe you already have it and it will eventually come to you.  Everything must remain positive – your thoughts, your environment, etc.  It must be that way because if you believe you don’t have something or have negative thoughts surrounding that thing, you will never get it.  

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you want or need a new car but you don’t have the money.  If your thoughts are only surrounding the lack of money to get that new car, then you won’t ever have enough money to get the car.  Instead, what you should do is think of yourself having the car already.  Imagine the color, the make and model, how it handles, etc.  This will give your mind’s eye a vision of what the car is like and you will be telling the Universe exactly what you’re looking for.  Putting it out there is a way The Secret can take action for you.

When you stay positive, you help the Universe know how you’re thinking, feeling and being when it comes to what you actually what. One positive thought will affect everything around you.  Negative thoughts, though, will do the same.  It’s like karma.  When you think something bad, sometimes it comes back and hits you like a brick.  But if you think something positively, instead you’ll get puppies and rainbows.

This stuff actually works.  I used to be what I called a Realist.  I was always matter-of-fact, said what was true and talked about my reality.  But when I saw something negative, I would always think that’s the way life was.  I never really saw how things could be until I read The Secret.  Since then, my outlook on life has completely changed.  I’m more positive about everything.  Maybe too positive.

Now here’s my challenge to you, go out and get The Secret.  You can get it on Target or at your local book store.  When you get it, read it and put into action everything you read.  I’m glad I found The Secret and I think you’ll be too.

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