Has any of this ever happened to you? If the answer is yes, then you must be a short girl like me.  I’m only 4’10” and trust me, I’ve heard all the sayings… “God only lets things grow until they’re perfect.” “Good things come in small packages.” But do IContinue Reading

We say sorry a lot.  Maybe not all of us out there, but a lot of women say it a lot. I am one of those women that used to say it all the time.  We say it for bumping into someone, when we don’t pass in a project onContinue Reading

Ever heard of a little thing called The Secret?  If not, you need to read the book.  The Secret is all about the Law of Attraction and really getting everything you want out of life.  The Law of Attraction is the theory that if you want something, you have toContinue Reading