Stress Triggers & Management Techniques

Stress triggers are everywhere and are different for everyone. What are your triggers? Here are some that might ring a bell:

  • Family Members
  • Traffic
  • Bad work day
  • Tech issues
  • Negative comments
  • Travel plans
  • A big launch – book or program release
  • Wedding planning after engagement
  • Planning for a baby’s arrival
  • Studying for the bar exam

But don’t think all triggers are bad. They’re not. Some of the triggers I mentioned cause good stress, eustress. How you handle these triggers is what really matters.

Your triggers can take of your emotions and behaviors. They can make you crazy. But if you face them head on, you can conquer your stress. There are 4 techniques I use regularly that help me with my triggers.

  1. Movement – I choose to move my body, either strenuously or simply, and it lets me blow off steam. It could be a HIIT workout or even just a walk in nature. Either way, movement helps exercise your muscles and reduce the feelings of stress.
  2. Breathing – The breathing exercise I turn to every single time is the 4-7-8 breathing technique from Andrew Weil. You breathe in for a count of 4, hold it for a count of 7 and then breathe out for a count of 8. It can induce a small sense of euphoria and big sense of calm.
  3. Journaling or Free Writing – There’s something about grabbing a notebook and just getting your thoughts out on paper. It’s almost freeing. The notebook and the pen doesn’t offer judgement but it does allow you to get rid of some of the things piling up in your brain.
  4. Creating Systems – Creating a system is huge for managing your stress. Not only will it help create a sense of organization, but it allows you to plan for what may come and will help you create habits that keep you sane.

Now take some time to think of your triggers and how you can manage them for good. You can do this!

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