Screen time

How much screen time is too much? While this answer is different for everyone, I’m wondering if you’ve ever asked yourself this. I noticed this for myself this weekend and I had the feeling I really should share with others.

Screen time consists of any time your face is in a screen. Looking at the phone, computer, television, etc. Some say we’re addicted and I think that statement applies to many living in the world today. It can be counterproductive, hurt relationships and create a hindrance for certain activities we need to do in real life. Let me explain. . .

Have you ever been in someone’s company and instead of talking with you, they have their face in their phone? Like, the whole time?? It’s kind of annoying isn’t it? And not to mention rude. Actions like that make it hard to have a conversation with someone. While I don’t have children, electronics are are being given to children earlier and earlier in life and because of that, they are learning how to avoid conversation. Crazy, right?

Here’s what I think you can do to fix this movement and stop it in its tracks.

When you have company, put away the electronics. What I mean is that when you’re with people, put the screens away. Television for background noise might be ok, but put the phones down so you can actually talk to people. And if you want to make it more fun, if you’re out to dinner whoever picks up the phone first has to pay the bill. It’s a challenge, but it might just retrain your brain.

Before bed, say buh-bye!  Before bed, I either put my phone on the other side of the room or in my drawer. While I’m not always perfect, I try to do this because it helps me stop the screen time before bed and wind down. Not having the blue light in your face will help you get a better night’s sleep and fall asleep faster.

Find an activity instead of watching that activity. Instead of watching boring television or playing games on an iPad, find an activity to do! Anything from crafts to sports to taking a hike in the woods, any activity can work as long as it’s something you love to do and it’s fun! And if you have kids, make it a regular thing. They’ll enjoy it and you’ll get them off the screens!

These are only a few ideas, but I’m sure you’ve got your brain working on other ways to think about getting rid of the screen. If you are, start today! Put away that phone, close the laptop and enjoy your life while being present…fully present.

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