New Year, New Stress

It’s a new year. . .

But is going to be a fresh start for you? Or are you going to do the same old thing. If you’re already thinking of going about things in the same way you did last year, you might have those negative bad thoughts or that “woe is me” mentality. But if you’re thinking 2021 will be a fresh start then you’re ready to make new choices.

Yes, 2020 was a crapshoot for some, but it was also a joy for others. I asked my followers about their experiences with 2020 and here’s what they told me.

For those that said 2020 was a bust, here’s why:

  • Couldn’t have our Memorial Day getaway
  • Friends couldn’t get married
  • My cable access episodes didn’t air and the time was wasted
  • Friends I knew got sick and lots of people died
  • Felt like I wasn’t a part of something 
  • Couldn’t network with people and build relationships
  • Missed out on vacations
  • Missed big events
  • Missed family time

For those that said 2020 was a joy, here’s why:

  • Realized that rushing from one event to the next wasn’t worth it
  • Was able to work more on my business
  • Stepped up my self-care game
  • Started cooking more and enjoyed it 
  • Gave back to my community
  • Slowed down and stopped rushing around so much
  • Had several accomplishments
  • Found a new hobby
  • Increased physical movement
  • Spent more time with family

So my question for you is – did you think 2020 was a bust or was it a joy? If you’re thinking it was a bust, then I challenge you to change your mindset.

Find your triggers and then find new ways to process those triggers. If you know your triggers, analyze your old ways of managing things. If the old way isn’t working, something needs to be changed.

Think about setting SMART goals. Those are specific, manageable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive goals. Make weekly, monthly, 6-month and yearly goals to help you stay on track. And get a planner to track your progress.

Create a reward system for when you achieve your goals. That reward can be as little or as big as you want it to be. Maybe you get yourself coffee on Fridays because you made it through the week or a new pair of workout tights after completing 30 days of workouts. The decision is yours!

And lastly, make sure to cut yourself a break. Know that stress is always going to be here, it’s never going to go away. Continue to work on yourself and that stress you experience will be easier to manage.

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