Halloween candy or healthy lifestyle?

Trick-or-treat!  That’s what children say when they go to the front door on Halloween, right?  What if it had another meaning?

What’s the true meaning behind the phrase?

“Trick” relates to anything that is going to trick you into derailing you from your plan.  It could be the candy from Halloween, the extra stuffing at Thanksgiving or even the champagne at New Years.  Yes, you can partake in a little of the indulgences, but don’t allow the treats to completely steer you off the path.

“Treat” is the healthy lifestyle you’ve chosen to lead.  You get to treat yourself because you’ve changed your lifestyle and can live a little.  It’s because you live the healthy lifestyle where you can have one or two pieces of Halloween candy.  The real treat, is being healthy and allowing your body to have what it really needs to survive.

Did you fall off the track?

If you fell off the track around Halloween, don’t worry. Most people do around the holidays. What is your plan to get back on track?  Are you going to continue to indulge and trick yourself?  OR are you going to change up what you’re doing and treat yourself?  If you are thinking of changing it up, there are things you can do!

  1. Reduce your intake of “boxed foods” and increase your “clean” ones. – If you read the ingredients on a box, I bet some of the ingredients you either won’t know or can’t pronounce.  Each time you go to the grocery store, stick to the outside aisles more and more.  That’s where the good stuff is!
  2. Add physical activity into your lifestyle. – You can start small.  Start with 3 – 4 days a week and over time, increase the number of days.
  3. Eliminate the soda! – By removing soda out of your diet, you will reduce your chances of becoming a diabetic and help you lose weight.  Instead of soda, go with water that’s infused with fruit.  And if you like the bubbly, try a carbonated water.
  4. Find an accountability partner. – This can be anyone!  Someone you work with, one of your family members, someone you know online through social media.  Wherever you find that person, stay in contact so you can start this new lifestyle together and hold each other accountable.
  5. Set goals and stick to them. – By writing out your goals, you are more likely to stick to them.  Post your goals around the house wherever you are likely to see them. On the bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator, on the back of the front door, etc.  The more place you post them, the more they will remind you that you are doing this for a reason.

If you need help, you came to the right place! I can help you add in movement to your lifestyle, learn proper nutrition and find a balance.  

After reading this, if you are serious about starting your journey, schedule your consultation today!  Finding this healthy lifestyle can be a reality for you!

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