Trick-or-treat!  That’s what children say when they go to the front door on Halloween, right?  What if it had another meaning? What’s the true meaning behind the phrase? “Trick” relates to anything that is going to trick you into derailing you from your plan.  It could be the candy fromContinue Reading

I’m from the United States and “freedom” used to be something that people come to this country for.  However, as I grow up, I’m learning that freedom is not about where you live…it’s about your life and how it’s lived! In the United States, the majority of the citizens workContinue Reading

While traveling on a business trip, I read an article in Men’s Fitness magazine about something called the Meatless Monday Movement.  It made me start to think and gave me some very interesting takeaways: It takes 1,846 gallons of water to produce just one pound of beef.  It only takesContinue Reading

I had a thought today about micro-managing.  We all know it’s awful and no one likes when it is done to them, but here’s my question… Are you micro-managing yourself? Especially when it comes to your health and wellness.  You could be too hard on yourself or too laid back.Continue Reading

One of the things that I’ve always heard is practicing personal development.  I never really thought I needed it but have learned that in order to grow, both inside and out,  personal development is a MUST! What is personal development? It’s any action you take to work on improving theContinue Reading

I was asked this question today and wondered if other people are curious what it is too.  When I think about a coach, I think about the practitioners in the world that help others with health and wellness goals.  The truth is, a coach can be so much more thanContinue Reading