Here are my three tips for getting yourself out of Vacation Mode and getting back into reality a little easier. 1. The last night of your vacation, go to bed on time. When I say “go to bed on time”, I mean go to bed at whatever time your normallyContinue Reading

Whenever I’ve been on vacation, I notice something about the way I feel.  Yes, I’m calm and relaxed and I’m having fun, but my body is not in love with the changes. If you’re like me, vacation mode may not be the best thing. I always try to stick to aContinue Reading

Have you ever used “dirty little words”? You know the ones I’m talking about. The one I want to talk about in this post is “can’t”. When you use the word can’t, it triggers a reaction in your brain that makes you think that whatever you’re using that word inContinue Reading

Not sure where or what you can eat? Author David Zinczenko can help with that. In his book, he tells you where to eat, how to decode the menu and more!Continue Reading

Have you ever really thought about “your story”?  I hadn’t really given it much thought.  A few years ago, I was asked to share my story and I had to really think back.   It all starts where everyone’s story starts. . .birth. I was born with asthma.  No one knewContinue Reading

I recently I got to try out the Honeywell Console Humidifier and was so excited because I live in New England. When the temperature changes here, sometimes the air gets really dry.  As an asthmatic, the New England weather can be challenging too.  In the winter, I’m bundled up andContinue Reading