Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

It’s about that time we begin our Spring Cleaning. But let me tell you…I’ve got thoughts.

First and foremost, why do they call it “Spring Cleaning”.

Well, I did some research. Ages ago, people that lived in colder climates used to keep their homes shut really tight in the winter. Their heating sources were candles and the fire in their fireplace. The candle soot and coal from the fire spread a layer of dirt and grime all over everything in the home. Come springtime, the warmer weather allowed people to open their windows and doors, let some fresh air in, clean everything and have a fresh start for their home.

If you’re like me, you live in a colder climate and you might still keep your home shut really tight in the winter. Despite this, I don’t only clean in the springtime. Calling it “Spring Cleaning” makes me question how often you really should be cleaning your home and indicates you only have to clean once a year. That seems crazy to me! Another issue I have with the term is the negative context it has associated with it. I asked on my Facebook page what others thought and many left comments about the hard jobs, like windows. No wonder why so many people hate Spring Cleaning.

If you’re feeling like me, you are probably wondering what to do instead. I’ve got an idea for you.

Create a regular cleaning schedule.

As a self-described neat freak, cleaning your home regularly helps you avoid having to do a ton of cleaning in the springtime. Creating a schedule can help you do that. Just pick an area or a room you want to focus on and pick a chore or two that you want to do. Here’s an example and what I do each week:

ChoreWhen to Do It
Sweep FloorsMonday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Clean Counters
Both Kitchen & Bathroom
LaundryA few times a week or on weekends
Clean washing machine weekly
Change Bed SheetsEvery 1 – 2 weeks
Clean Toilets & BathsEvery 1 – 2 weeks

While you might disagree with the timelines I have here, this is what works for me and my family. The key to making a cleaning schedule is to make it work for you. Choose what you’re willing to do each day, and what you’re not, and create a schedule that fits your lifestyle. If you’re unsure what chores to do on which days, ask yourself what you can get done in 15 minutes. Washing dishes after each meal probably takes no more than 15-20 minutes. Washing counters typically takes no more than five minutes. Sweeping takes about 10 minutes, depending on how much dog hair and dirt is on the floor. All in all, my daily chores take no more than 30 minutes. Breaking it up into a schedule like this avoids the pile up and keeps your house clean.

My Favorite Tools for Cleaning

Because I clean pretty regularly, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite tools to clean with.

  • Swiffer Wet Jet – I love this tool because even though you sweep, you can still miss some dust and dirt. This picks up all that remains. If you don’t have one, get the kit with the multipurpose solution so you can do tile and hardwood floors without having to switch solutions.
  • Swiffer Duster – I keep one of these on each floor of my house. When I start to see that layer of dust forming, I grab this and simply wipe it away.
  • OnGuard Concentrate – This stuff does so much! I’ve used it to make my own soap, kitchen cleaner and more! I love this product because it’s clean, it’s safe for my family, it cleans my house really well and it smells great!
  • Diffuser – Having a diffuser in your home is a MUST! A diffuser can help clean and purify the air and make your home smell great. There are tons out there, but this is one of my favorites.
  • Rubber Broom – If you have fur babies in your home, you need to get this broom! Every time I sweep, I fill the trash can with fur. Not only does it pick up fur, it grabs dust, dirt and so other stuff I don’t want to know about.
  • Clorox Toilet Wand – If you’re grossed out about cleaning the toilet, then this tool will become your best friend. It cleans the inside of the bowl, removes the scum and grime and makes your toilet sparkle. Yes, sparkle.

So what about Spring Cleaning?

I love the idea of doing a deep clean and a purge every Spring. You can keep up with your regular cleaning but take on the hard jobs once a year. These are the kinds of jobs that take more time and effort – getting the house pressure washed, redoing the landscaping, freshening up the upholstered furniture, washing windows and even purging old clothes. These might even be the kinds of jobs you want to pay someone else to do.

Moral of the story – don’t let Spring Cleaning stress you out. It’s not meant to do that. However, Spring Cleaning is meant to give you a fresh start. Remember, your home is supposed to be a place of solitude where you can feel comfortable and well rested, not anxious and uptight.

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