3 tips for working through the Summer blues

Anyone else have a case of the Summer Blues? The weather is just starting to be amazing and I’m over here being all…

Why? I’m not exactly sure. If you’re new to Just Live Mindfully, you may not know that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. It usually affects me in the Winter, but lately it’s been affecting me more. I absolutely LOVE the Summer and the warmer weather, but I haven’t wanted to leave my house. It may be because when Summer hits the New England area, it gets humid and that’s tough on my asthma. But it also might be because I just want some time to be alone. Regardless of the reason, I’ve been trying to get myself out of a funk and I’m on the right track. That’s why I thought it would be worth sharing in case you’re going through the same thing right now. 

The first thing I’m doing is getting things on the calendar. I do that because it forces me to schedule appointments with friends and family and stop being a loner. The next four weekends I have something to do every weekend and although that sounds like I’m not getting a break, having a busy schedule keeps me from being still. For me, being still leads to boredom. And boredom leads to eating when I don’t need to. And that just leads to bad things. Staying active is good because you can keep your mind and body young.

The second thing I’m doing is building in rest time. I like to build this in because it helps me recover and reconnect with my true, inner self. When I spend time alone, I get a chance to breathe and think about all the good that’s in my life. I get to take care of my body and my brain and feel like me again. And believe it or not, spending time by yourself can shake off the summer blues because it can make you whole again. It can give you the energy you need to spend time with others.

The last thing I’m doing is remembering what I’m grateful for. By doing this small action, I’m starting off the day feeling good. Many people do this regularly and think of one to 10 things that they’re grateful for each and every day! And this is SO incredibly important because there really is something to be grateful for every single day. Even you can find just one thing if you think hard enough and I bet that one thing will lead to many, many other things that you’re grateful for.

Here’s my challenge to you: get yourself out of the funk too! It’s the start of Summer and you’ve got plenty of time ahead of you to enjoy the weather and the time you spend with friends and family. To start you off on the right foot, tell me one thing you’re looking forward to this summer? Once you tell me, plan it and make it happen!

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