Life is better when you’re laughing

Isn’t life better when we laugh more?   I have looked around lately and noticed that Americans might be too focused on work. When that happens we tend to forget what is really important in life.  Laughing is one of the best gifts in life and it can happen frequently if you allow it.

They say laughter is the best medicine and it’s totally true!  A good laugh can change your whole outlook on life and make your attitude do a 180.  Who wouldn’t want to be happier, right?  I mean, life can be super stressful and if we’re not careful, that stress can take over pretty quickly.

Have you ever gotten together with friends and family and laughed so hard that you cried?  Like a good cry that comes along with a belly ache.  The kind of laugh where your stomach starts to cramp up and you’re in pain and tears are streaming down your face but just can’t stop.  It used to happen more often than it does now, but when it does happen, it’s the best feeling! How do you make your house full of laughter?  

Host a game night!

It is a perfect way to get people together, eat some great food and share a laugh. And it’s so much fun!  Every month choose a house, choose a game and the group of friends and decide on the date.   It may sound like something your parents would do, but you have to try it.  This is a great idea for people that want to spend time with each other, without electronics and not spend a lot of money.  During these game nights you not only shared a good laugh, but you also build relationships.  Something as simple as a game night can help you stay healthy, improve your well-being and relieve some stress.  

If you can’t fit in a game night just yet, make sure to incorporate laughter in your life at least once a day.  If you think it will be tough, challenge yourself.  Crack a joke with your coworker, read a comic strip or heck, plan a game night.  You will start to see that laughter really is the perfect addition to you and your family’s life.

If you have other ideas to incorporate a good laugh, share them in a comments!  I’d love to hear how you and your friends and family get a good laugh in every now and then.

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