Chronic Stress vs. Anxiety

When it comes to stress, there are different kinds – acute, chronic and eustress.

Acute stress is the day-to-day stress that we experience. It’s short and can be positive or problematic. Think of the nerves you feel when you’re going on a job interview or getting cut off on the highway.

Chronic stress is the never ending, inescapable stress. It’s going to a job you hate, but have to go to because you need the income. Or living with a family member that is a raging alcoholic, but you feel the need to stay because you want to help them.

Eustress is the fun and exciting stress. That rollercoaster ride that makes you scream and laugh with joy, the upcoming wedding of your best friend or even starting that new job that you’ve been working your butt off for.

But when your stress becomes chronic, you might want to start worrying. Chronic stress can be harmful to your health. It affects you physically, emotionally and even mentally. Physically you could start to see acne or weight gain. Emotionally you have frequent bouts of crying or inappropriate laughter. Mentally you might have an unexpected breakdown. Regardless, if you are experiencing chronic stress, you need to seek treatment and curb it quickly before it gets too bad and before you suffer even more than you have.

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