I’ve been getting really into crystals.  Some call them stones or rocks, but for me, they’re crystals because that name has a stronger meaning.  The crystals I’ve been using lately are S-T-R-O-N-G!  These two have made a powerful impact on me. What are these two stones?  The bigger one isContinue Reading

Have you had a teachable moment?  Let me tell you about the one I had. I was at my day job and was doing a new task.  I was getting frustrated because I was watching the clock and seeing the minutes going by…fast!  To do something that seemed so simple,Continue Reading

There are so many options out there for getting healthy – weight loss programs, intermittent fasting, coaching that includes food, coaching that doesn’t include food, going vegan, going gluten-free, going dairy free… Do you feel like you want to scream? I certainly did when I first started my journey.  EveryoneContinue Reading

Have you ever said this statement to yourself before?  I have and after a lot of thought, I’m able to finish the sentence.  I was healthier when I worked closer to home. It doesn’t sound like the most profound statement, but it’s true.  I’ve noticed over the past few yearsContinue Reading

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Some see something that can be hard to handle.  For most women, we don’t see the actual, true reflection.  Instead, we see the poorer version of ourselves.  We see the messy hair, the pudge around our waists, the wrinkled skin,Continue Reading

Let’s talk cheese! Many people love cheese but may have issues with it and not know. We figured out our issues and evolved. You should too! Continue Reading

When we’re kids, we use our imagination all the time.  We dream of fairies and giants living in fields of green or trucks with jet engines that go really fast.  We read books and allow ourselves to be taken to other worlds.  But as we age, our imagination goes away. Continue Reading

What exactly is fear?  To some, it’s a road block.  To others, it’s a hurdle.  To many, it’s scary. Sometimes the fear completely takes over.  It pushes you back and while sometimes it might delay you, you cannot let it hold you back. Fear used to make me afraid.  AfraidContinue Reading

Glyphosate is everywhere! It’s hard to eat anything that doesn’t have a speck of it attached. But the more you know about it, the more you can do good.Continue Reading

Do you ever feel like you have voices in your head?  Like someone marching around with a megaphone saying things over and over again?  Sometimes I do.  I’m not crazy and neither are you! I relate it to the angel and the devil on our shoulders.  The personalities living inside ofContinue Reading