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I recently took a personality test – an updated version of The Myers Briggs – and wanted to share my results with you. I’ve taken it before but this time was different. If you’ve never heard of this test before, it’s an oldie but a goodie. The Myers Briggs is a personality test designed to help people understand their differences. While there is no better or worse personality type, tests like these can help us understand who we are and how we can learn, grown and improve. It also helps us understand how we can help the world.

So what’s different in the updated test?

The new test gives us a much more in-depth look at our personality than before. I took the test on 16 Personalities and don’t worry, it was free. The test still gives us the main four quadrants:

  • Introverted vs. Extroverted
  • Seeing vs. Sensing
  • Thinking vs. Feeling
  • Judging vs. Perceiving

But it gives us another quadrant that wasn’t in previous tests – Turbulent vs. Assertive.

My Results

The first time I took the test, it said I was an ISTJ – Introverted, Sensor, Thinker & Judger. It seemed obvious. Here’s why:

  • Introverted: These individuals like working alone or in small groups. They prefer a more deliberate pace in life and like to focus on one task at a time.
  • Sensor: These individuals like to focus on facts and details to make decisions and they use common sense and past experience to find practical solutions to problems.
  • Thinker: These individuals make decisions using logical analysis. They weigh the pros and cons for almost decisions and they value honesty, consistency and fairness.
  • Judger: These individuals are organized and prepared at all times. When they make plans, they stick to them and they are super comfortable following rules.

For me, this was all obvious. None of it surprised me because it described me to a tee! [Side note: Is it tee or tea? Not sure I’ll ever know that one.] I AM introverted, scientific and regimented, I like to think logically and do a lot of thinking before making any decisions. I’m also super organized and always have been which comes in very handy when it comes to The Mindful Virtual Assistant.

My results this time were the same but I had some additional details I didn’t have before. I’m now proudly known as a Logistician. I’m 82% introverted, 54% sensing, 52% thinking and 79% judging. But what about that last quadrant? Well, I’m 53% turbulent (and subsequently 47% assertive).

What is a turbulent personality anyway?

When I think of the word “turbulent” I think of an ocean that’s stormy. One where a boat may go over on its side and crash into the sea. But for this test, that’s not what turbulent means. Rather it means the individual is success-driven, a perfectionist and is always eager to improve. When I read this, I immediately felt more comfortable.

I dove more into the resources provided by 16 Personalities and discovered that a turbulent person is always trying to counter their self-doubts by being an overachiever and always feeling like they need to do more. They notice the little problems before they become big ones and deal with them quickly. Unfortunately, they get caught up in their endless thoughts and replay criticism and regrets in their minds over and over again. Kind of like a ticker tape that doesn’t shut off. And they even tend to be a tad pessimistic.

mind blown


Like… Woah! Seriously! This piece of the personality test is EXACTLY what the previous tests needed. It helped me understand why I’m always doing something, why I can never sit still and why despite having multiple side hustles in the past that have failed, I keep trying to create one works. This part of the test was truly what I needed.

But 16 Personalities doesn’t stop there. To hone in on your type even further, they give you a few “celebrity” Logisticians.

Yup! These amazing people are just like me! Seeing faces that I could put to the personality helped so much because now I can “see” who I am. Yes, I deeply relate to Hermione… Don’t judge me for it!

My favorite part about this test was not only that it was so spot on, but it added that additional quadrant. Now The Myers Briggs Test is so much better because it helps me embrace my flaws, understand why I am what I am and learn how I can continue to develop as a human being. Now it’s your turn! Go take the test, learn about yourself and share your results with the world!

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