Post-It Note Challenge

Post-it Notes

Most of us know what a post-it note is and why we use it. If you don’t, a post-it note is a small (or larger) piece of paper with a sticky backing that allows you to hang it up somewhere. They can be used for reminders, to help plan out a program you’re launching or a book you’re writing, for grocery lists, love notes and even thank you notes. There are literally TONS of ways to use them but I want to tell you about an unconventional way to start using post-it notes.

The Unconventional Way

I use post-it notes to leave positive, uplifting messages in random places, for random people to see. Why? Because we all need a pick-me-up from time to time and doing this small act helps me create a ripple effect in the world. By me taking a small, positive action, it affects one person. That person may then turn around and do another small act. And then another person will do one and so on and so on. I LIVE for the ripple effect because it allows me to leave an impact on the world. No, I don’t want to be famous but I do want to leave on a good note.

You’re probably wondering “Why post-it notes?” It’s simple – they’re easy to carry and can be small enough to fit in a pocket or a purse. Some of them (my favorites) are brightly colored so they catch your eye. Most importantly, they’re affordable, and can be found at the Dollar Store and just about every other drug store. Yes, you can do this with just about any piece of paper, but post-it notes make it simple.

Post-it Notes have Power!

No, not physical powers, but they have give us some magic. They allow us to be creative with the written word and artistically. I’ve seen post-it notes used for book planning where the chapters are mapped out and I’ve seen them used to create an image of a superhero. Even if you don’t feel like you have a creative gene, post-it notes can give that to you.

Reminders written down on scrap pieces of paper work well, but for some reason when they’re written on a post-it note, those same reminders are actually remembered. The bright color catches our eye, the larger font sticks out like a sore thumb and the note stays in place until we actually take care of it.

My favorite power that post-it notes have is their ability to change us. I’ve gone into work in a bad mood and as soon as I see a positive note, I change. I may smile or laugh and I may even have a memory come into my mind that makes me emotional. Seeing something short, sweet and uplifting can change our mood for the better.

How Do They Help?

Post-it notes can help in so many ways but here are my favorites:

  1. Change Mindset – Just like when I see them in the morning, they can change you too. Seeing a post-it note with happy, positive message can immediately lift you up and brighten your mood.
  2. Build Confidence – Yes, they can build your confidence. If you see a note reminding you it’s ok to be scared to do something but you do it anyway, then the note did it’s job.
  3. Increase Optimism – You can go from a negative outlook to a positive outlook with the snap of your fingers and post-it notes can help you become a glass is half full kind of person.
  4. Provide Encouragement – Even just a few words can help you feel motivated and inspired.
  5. Build Dreams – Seeing words and pictures can help you dream but the notes themselves can help you plot out the steps to achieve those dreams.

Where Do You Put the Notes?

Simple – ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE! It’s as easy as that. While you’re doing your grocery shopping, leave a post-it note on a pack of toilet paper. Put them all over your bathroom mirror so you are forced to read them while you’re getting dressed. On a hanger in Target, remind someone to buy the shirt they’re admiring.

Using a variety of places is so fun because it makes it like a game. It becomes a challenge to find a stranger place each time you set out for your day.

So here’s your challenge…

START DOING THIS! Keep a pad of post-it notes on you and a pen and start leaving happy, inspiring, uplifting messages everywhere you go. Snap photos of them and post them on social media to create the ripple effect twofold. Make sure to tag me in the post so I see because you can inspire me too.

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