Why is everyone rushing?

Why does everyone always seem to be rushing?

In a big city, everything seems to be so fast paced.  Everyone works through their lunch and never seems to stop.  Why? I’ve been asking myself this question more and more lately and I’m not sure I’ve found a true answer.  What I have found is this…

When you think of it, we only have a finite period of time on this planet.  Many don’t look at it that way, but it’s true.  And maybe, just maybe, that’s why people cram a lot into their days.  Here’s my follow up question, why do we spend so much time during our days doing things we are not passionate about?  

Monday through Friday, is pretty crazy for many Americans.  We wake up early, get to work and spend 8+ hours at a computer, go home and then, and only then, do we get to start doing something we love.  Or maybe not. During the day, we work because I have to.  Many of us like what we do but we don’t love what we do.  We work to pay the bills.  And in a lot of cases, there isn’t any room to do anything you love.  We rush around doing something that is ultimately just a job.

It’s not healthy to be doing this.  Not mentally and not physically.  Feeling rushed can add a lot to our stress levels and slowly bring us down.  This is why we have to take advantage of the time we have.  You need to spend time reading, connecting with people you want to be around, meditating or listening to podcasts or anything else that makes sense for you.  It will help ease some of that stress you take on during your day.  Here are a few steps you can take to slow down and use your time wisely.

Step 1 – Find 15 minutes in your work day.

Yup, just 15 minutes.  This can see like a really short amount of time, but I guarantee if you plan it right, you can get a lot of things accomplished.  You could use this time to sneak away from your desk job and make a few phone calls for your personal life.  You could read that new book you’ve been dying to get to.  Or you could find a quiet space and meditate.  The choice is yours, but getting away for 15 minutes can help you clear your head and stay productive.

Step 2 – Get a journal.

You can use this journal in a number of ways – actual journaling, list writing or doodling.  Either way, carry the journal with you everywhere and the you have something pop in your head or get inspiration, pull it out and get to work.  I have one (well, I have a few) and use it as my way to destress throughout the day.  If something challenging comes up, I pull it out and just start writing.  Even if I’m at my full time job, I take the time to sit and write.  It helps to refocus the mind and continue with my day.  And my ego isn’t harmed!

Step 3 – Consciously make a decision to slow down.

Yes, I know it’s super hard to do.  Even for me who is always on the go.  It seems like every weekend I have something to do.  But by making a conscious effort to slow down, I remember to go at a pace that can work for me.  Every few weeks I take a little “me time” and go for a massage, have reiki, paint my nails or just stay in my pajamas all day.  Don’t even leave the house if you don’t want to.  Just slow day, say no and make time for you!

How will these 3 steps help you to stop rushing around?  You’ll start to form habit and create patterns in your life that allow you to realize there is more important things in life than doing things that do not bring you joy!

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