What’s your theme song?

My husband is always trying to get me to go to karaoke. I’m not sure if it’s because he just wants to watch, he wants to sing or if he wants me to sing and get out of my comfort zone. But the fact that he keeps asking has made me think of something…

What song were you meant to sing?

At first you might think I mean the song you’re going to sing at karaoke. If that’s where your brain is going, answer the question. For me, it’s always Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. That song just fires me up, gets me motivated to do anything and gives me all the feels. Ever since I first heard the song years ago, no matter where I am, I turn up the volume and sing. And I never care who’s watching. 

If your brain didn’t go the literal route, you’re already thinking the way I want you to think. If my karaoke song is Don’t Stop Believin’, think about how it relates to life! That song gets under my skin so much that I am literally moved to tears. So what does it do for my soul? My subconscious? My heart? My passion? My point is, your karaoke song may just relate to life like mine does. If it does, you need to take a few minutes to analyze it.

Just to be a bit vulnerable and completely transparent, let’s analyze my song. Some of the lyrics that really speak to me are:

  • Just a small town girl living in a lonely world – I am a small town girl and I never really felt like I fit in, so in a sense, I was lonely.
  • Living just to find emotion – As an adult, I look back and remember trying to always be perfect…and it’s because I was alway trying to find love or true connection with others.
  • Some will win, some will lose; Some were born to sing the blues – I have anxiety and used to have depression. Some days, I still feel a little “oh woe is me” but don’t show it.
  • Don’t stop believin’, hold onto that feeling – Once I found my passion, found my love for helping others, I don’t want to let it go even despite the challenges and obstacles that lie in my path.

Do you see it now?

Your favorite karaoke song really can have a stronger meaning for you. This song screams “Don’t give up!” and I won’t. I will never give up as long as that song is in my heart. That song will be my theme song until the day I leave this Earth.

What is your karaoke song? What’s the theme song to your life? What’s the song that gives you all the feels? Even if you will never actually do karaoke, find your song, listen to it and see how it could make an impact your life.

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