Wanna date?

No, I don’t mean me.  I mean your partner, your spouse, your significant other, your best friend, etc. Dating is not just about love, but it’s also about relationships.

When I use the word “date”, I’m using it loosely. 

Most of us talk about dating  in terms of our love life, courting your future spouse or asking the pretty girl or handsome guy to go out to dinner and a movie.  When I talk about dating, I’m referring to relationship building.  We build relationships when we’re networking, when we’re at work or when we’re spending time with friends and family. 

How seriously do you take those relationships?

In the relationship I have with my spouse, I make it a point to date him.  Once or twice a month, we go on a date.  Sometimes that means going out and other times it means cooking and staying in.  I’m not sharing this with you to brag or show that we’re perfect. We’re not. I’m sharing this with you because I want you to consider how important our relationships are in our lives.

During the next 30 days, I want you to challenge yourself to committing to “Date Night”.  That could be defined however you choose.  To help you get started, here are a few ideas:

  1. Get caffeinated! – Make a plan to go to your local coffee shop for your favorite beverage.  Sunday mornings are perfect for this because it’s the day to rest and relax and prepare yourself for the week.  And good conversation can do just that…
  2. Let the Vitamin D soak in – Get outside!  Go for a walk or find a great hiking spot to go with someone.  It will not only get you some sun on your skin and immediately uplift your spirits, but getting into nature will be a bonus.
  3. See a beautiful sunset – Sunsets (and sunrises, for that matter) are beautiful sights to see.  A sunrise symbolizes the start of a new day and a sunset helps remind us of all the beauty we get to see in one day.  Seeing that with someone has an extra special meaning because you get to share it with someone. 
  4. Who’s hungry? – We all need to eat, right?  Why not have a meal with a partner?  Any meal you choose is a chance to get much needed nutrients into your system – physical and emotional.  Over a meal, you can catch up, discuss new things in each other’s lives and find out new things about each other.  The only thing you have to do is pick the restaurant.

Now that you’ve got a few ideas, call that friend, family member or loved one and make that date! 

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