Teachable moments

Have you had a teachable moment?  Let me tell you about the one I had.

I was at my day job and was doing a new task.  I was getting frustrated because I was watching the clock and seeing the minutes going by…fast!  To do something that seemed so simple, it was taking me WAY longer than I thought it should have.  When I went to leave, my boss asked if I was stressed.  I told her I wasn’t, but I was frustrated.  I wanted to be doing this task faster than I was even though I knew it would take me some time.  She told me the first time she did this task, it took her some time.  That statement made me feel better, but wasn’t totally easing my frustration.

On the drive home, I was having that internal conversation going over the task I did.  What could I have done better?  What did I do that took so much time? 

And then it hit me. I literally heard a voice say “Have patience with yourself”.  It might have been me talking to me or it might have been the Universe or angels.  Regardless, it was a sign.  After that voice came into my head, my thoughts changed.  It was the Holy Instant at its finest.

On the second half of the drive home, I realized I needed to go through that in order to relieve some pressure I was putting on myself.  I needed the Universe to remind me that I need to be patient with myself.  This was my teachable moment…and I’m glad I had it.

Are you seeing your teachable moments?

If you’re not noticing them, I encourage you to slow down and start to pay attention.  Listen and keep your eyes peeled for the teachable moments that are in your future.  They are there to help you learn, grow and become a better you! 

If you’ve had a teachable moment, share yours below!  What was it and what’d you learn?  I’d love to hear more!

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