We say sorry a lot.  Maybe not all of us out there, but a lot of women say it a lot. I am one of those women that used to say it all the time.  We say it for bumping into someone, when we don’t pass in a project onContinue Reading

I’m all about balance.  That even includes having a little fun every now and then.  Including having a cocktail with friends. In Massachusetts, where I’m located, we do not have Happy Hour but I know a lot of other states do. What does that mean for you?  It can meanContinue Reading

Saving money is a big deal right now!  People are trying to pay off their debt fast so they can live a more free life.  You’re probably wondering how to do it, but still have some fun?  Here are five healthy ways to save money, but still enjoy your life.Continue Reading

Here are my three tips for getting yourself out of Vacation Mode and getting back into reality a little easier. 1. The last night of your vacation, go to bed on time. When I say “go to bed on time”, I mean go to bed at whatever time your normallyContinue Reading

Whenever I’ve been on vacation, I notice something about the way I feel.  Yes, I’m calm and relaxed and I’m having fun, but my body is not in love with the changes. If you’re like me, vacation mode may not be the best thing. I always try to stick to aContinue Reading