Is journaling right for you?

I ask that question.because I always wanted it to be and just recently I came to the conclusion that it was not. Sad, but true. UNLESS…I have one key piece of information. A prompt. A writing prompt is something that gives you a start, a base to write from. You can journal with or without a writing prompt.

For YEARS I tried write without a prompt and I found I could do it for a few days and then would stop. I wouldn’t pick up the journal again for weeks, months and sometimes years. I would start to feel bad about myself because I thought I wasn’t good enough because I couldn’t journal. Now I realize that idea is totally silly.

Writing with a prompt is journaling and although I’m getting help to start, it’s still accomplishing the same goal as without journaling. It’s getting the feelings out, it’s getting my thoughts out of my head and on paper and it’s bringing about feelings of ease. It’s good for the mind, heart, body and soul. 

So I ask you again, is journaling for you? Maybe. Only you’ll be able to decide, but I suggest you try both types of journaling to see which, if either, are right for you. You’ll realize after a very short period of time. Once you decide which type you prefer, if you stick with it you’ll continue to grow, learn and evolve. 

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