3 reasons to hire a coach

What’s standing between you and your dreams? It might be the challenges you face or disbelief that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Heck, the reason you’re not achieving our dreams could be a lot of things. You might even be missing a key piece of the puzzle. You might be missing a Coach.

A few years ago, I wrote a post describing what a Coach is. I explained how a Coach can guide you, help you make decisions and a Coach is different than a physician or a therapist. I even told you how a Coach can be the missing link between the decisions you make with your medical provider and your ability to achieve a happy, healthy life. What I haven’t shared with you is why I think you should hire a coach.

Below are three reasons I want you to consider hiring a Coach. Read through them, consider whether the reason to hire a Coach makes sense for you and when you’re ready. . .call me.

Reason # 1 – A Coach helps you play Devil’s Advocate.

This is one thing I love to do. In almost all cases, I can see both sides of the coin when I’m involved in a conversation. Regardless of how positive or negative the outcome seems. If a Coach can plan Devil’s Advocate, they can help you weigh your options. They can understand the pros and cons of situations and see the good and not so good. Some Coaches can even help you visualize what the future will look like based on the option you choose.

You know those people that talk to themselves regularly? Whether they talk to themselves internally, under their breath or audibly, those are the people that are talking about. Those are Coaches! I am one of those people that talks to myself all day long. Most of it is internal, but sometimes you’ll hear me mumbling. I even write things out from time to time. I do that because I want to understand everything I can about something before I make any decisions. By talking out the situation or writing things down, I essentially play Devil’s Advocate with myself. Trust me, it works!

Reason # 2 – A Coach is dedicated to your wellness.

When you see a physician, do they help you cure the cause of your illness? Or do they just treat your symptoms? Most will treat your symptoms because they know that most likely means you’ll make another appointment. When you make another appointment, you (or your insurance company) makes another payment. The cycle continues over and over again. A Coach wants you to make another appointment (Let’s be real!), but they are also truly dedicated to your wellness. They want you to get better! Coaches truly want to see you ace that test, up your sports game and improve your health and wellness. If a Coach doesn’t help you succeed and reach your goals, their job isn’t finished.

As a recovering perfectionist, I can honestly say sometimes I feel like I’ve failed when my clients haven’t achieved their goals. Yes, most of the work happens outside of coaching sessions and yes, I know I don’t have control over my clients’ actions but I do take it personally. Like a lot of other coaches, I put my heart and soul into my work with my clients, especially the 1-on-1 Programs. As a Coach, I can’t guarantee results if you don’t put in the work, but I can guarantee my dedication to you as a client.

Reason # 3 – A Coach can ultimately save you money.

Nothing is free anymore, right? Well, most things aren’t free and that includes hiring a Coach. The fee for working with a Coach can vary depending on a number of factors – your location, the length of time you work together, experience, resources offered in between sessions, etc. Unfortunately, most health insurance plans do not cover life or health and wellness coaching either. So hiring a Coach can seem like an upfront expense you don’t want to pay for. But in reality, a Coach can ultimately save you money. Hear me out. . .

When you hire a Coach, you’re paying for someone to help you get from Point A to Point B. A Coach can help you make progress, move forward and get a few steps closer to achieving your dreams faster than if you tried to do it on your own. Think about building a website. When you build a website, you need to get a hosting platform, then a website platform, choose a theme and start to create content. But what if you run into a snag where you need to know how to use code? You could scour the internet, spend 8+ hours Google searching until you find the answer, get frustrated and stressed out until you cry your eyes out. Or you could hire a professional to build it for you. Hiring that professional would save you time, allow you to get other things done and advance your progress in warp speed, unlike doing it yourself.

The same thing happens when you hire a Coach. They help you figure out a plan to get to and smash your goals and maintain the progress you’ve made. They can give you resources and roadmaps to get you there and offer support throughout your entire time together. Coaches save you money because you have the help of a professional.

There are WAY more reasons to hire a Coach. Can you think of one? I bet you can think of one, if not more.

Do you currently have a Coach? If you do, I’d love to know why you hired yours. And if you don’t, schedule your Discovery Call today!

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