My favorite holiday is here!!!!!!!!!! I’m talking about National Splurge Day. When you think of National Splurge Day you’re probably thinking you now have the permission to go out and buy the luxury care you’ve been wanting. Well, think again…you don’t. This holiday isn’t about going out and spending tonsContinue Reading

Have you ever been stressed and just want your favorite food?  For me, it’s sweets.  For others, it might be something salty.  And if you go even further, it might be an adult beverage.  Here’s my question to you… When you get stressed, what do you do? Do you eatContinue Reading

Ever been in a high-pressure situation and I nail it? When that happens, you’re proud and want to celebrate.  How should you reward yourself?  Most people reward themself with food or beverages, adult beverages even.   When you go to celebrate, do you go out for dinner and drinks?  DoContinue Reading