Let’s talk about meal prepping. Almost everyone talks about it. Many say it’s the best thing for everyone that wants to be healthy, lose weight and not have so much stress surrounding meals. My problem is, there’s a few things they don’t talk about. The people that promote meal preppingContinue Reading

We’re all so busy nowadays and most of us have this monotonous routine every day where we don’t always have a chance to think about what we’re feeding our body. If you’ve fallen into that trap and eaten poorly, you probably regret it immediately. Instead, use your time to prepContinue Reading

Today, I’m excited!  Why?  Because it’s Meal-Prep Sunday! On Meal-Prep Sunday, we cook.  Or at least prepare food for the week.  Each Sunday may look different, but the end result is the same.  We have healthy snacks and meals ready to go for the week.  The meal being prepped thisContinue Reading

Looking for a good chili recipe? Here’s mine! It’s perfect for the Fall and Winter, great for meal prepping and tastes amazing!Continue Reading