Connect or Re-connect

That is the question. We all have relationships that have been strong, wavered or even fallen apart. And some of us may have even had relationships that seem to stand the test of time. Regardless of which category your relationships fall into, we all have ones that we want to strengthen or rebuild. But how do we do that?

As human beings, we naturally are social people and ultimately we cannot live by ourselves. Well, at least not easily. We need others to support us, guide us, love us and be a friend. Having strong relationships are incredibly important as they ultimately allow us to thrive in life. Think about your best friend. Do they push you down or do they help you live life to the fullest? I hope it’s live life to the fullest. That feeling is what you want in all of your relationships. If you don’t have that feeling now, let me give you a few pointers.

If you’re looking to make your connections stronger, here are a few things I want you to consider:

  1. Make a point to reach out. You can reach out by telephone call, text message, email or heck, even snail mail. But just make the point to do so. Two of my very best friends live out-of-state and weekly, if not daily, I reach out to them. I love them with all my heart and I want to make sure we stay close, despite the distance.
  2. Schedule “date nights”. Scheduling your time is key to living the balanced life you deserve. These date nights can remind you to relax, socialize a little and have some fun. Date nights can consist of dinner and drinks, a movie, mini golfing or even a long walk. Plan these with you partner, your friend or even the relative you want to strengthen a relationship with.
  3. Celebrate each other’s special days. By special days I mean birthdays, anniversaries, job promotions, and even their debt freedom days. Any day that is special to your connection should be kept in the back of your mind and remembered because it shows you care. And showing you care is half the battle when it comes to connections.

These tips are great, but what if you need to reconnect with someone? I highly suggest using these tips above, or try a few other things.

  1. A handwritten note or letter can go a long way. Notes like these can impress upon someone memories and emotions that urge each party to rekindle a relationship. Write one and share a story and your reasons why you want to reconnect. The ball will then be in the other person’s court. While you wait for a response, send some positive thoughts into the Universe and envision the reconnection happening.
  2. Find an event you both would enjoy. Events take place in our local community all the time. I’d bet you and the person you want to reconnect with have things in common. And I’d bet there is at least one event coming up that falls into that commonality between the two of you. Find that event and invite that person to join you. It’ll make for neutral ground and give you an opportunity to chat.

With these five tips, a connection or reconnection is sure to be in your recent future. Good luck!

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