5 Systems That Work

I’ve created 5 systems that work and I want to share them with you!

Systems are everything in today’s day and age. They’re used by small businesses, major corporations and even individuals like you and me. The systems that are created range in size and complexity but they all have one thing in common…

The actions related to that system are repeated over and over again until they become part of the footprint of that person or business.

The systems I’m about to share with you are ones that I created, repeated daily for some time, changed and tweaked the actions associated and then continued to work on. They’ve evolved over time and are now normal for me and my family. While they may seem like big feats, trust me, they’re just small steps that you can do too.

Morning Routine

When I first thought about a morning routine, I thought I had to wake up before the sun rises and have energy from the minute my feet hit the floor. No, that’s not what a morning routine looks like for everyone. Especially not me. My morning routine looks like this. On my vanity, I have a candle jar that I DIYed into a beautiful container for my “Morning Must Dos”. It has all the tools I use in the morning to get myself going. My nasal spray, my essential oils, my CBD oil and even a bit of make up. Instead of having to search for everything I need, it’s all in one place and saves me time and energy.

Keys? Wallet? Cell Phone?

These are 3 questions I’ve asked my husband every time we leave the house. Why? Because if I don’t, one of these items will get left behind. Just my simply asking this question over and over again, my husband has started to remember to grab each item before he even hits the entryway. This system not only helps me, it helps him too! We save time, we forget less and we don’t have to return to the house to grab something we forgot.

Stay Hydrated

One of my systems involves something we all need every single day to survive – water. I have such a hard time drinking the amount of water I need every day, but a few things help me. Those things are fruit and a straw. I add fruit to help flavor the water and make it taste better. Usually I add lemons, strawberries or blueberries. You can even add herbs like mint too. The combinations you can create are endless. I also make sure I have a straw because I tend to drink more when I have a straw. Since I’m trying to be more environmentally conscious, I use stainless steel straws. You can get some great straws on Amazon for less than $5!

Wanna Workout?

I’m not thinking of working out the day before I want to workout. Most of us aren’t. To get myself motivated, I lay out a cute workout outfit on my dresser so it’s ready for me the next day. I pick out a bottoms, a top and socks that match and make me feel good. It sounds like a really simple act, but just seeing the clothes makes me want to get in them and move.

Nighttime Routine

Do you have a nightstand? If you do, you should use it sparingly. Hear me out. Most people pile things up on their nightstand and the important things get lost. What should be on your nightstand are the important things that help you wind down for the night. On my nightstand are only 4 things that get me ready for sleep – melatonin gummies, my inhaler, my journal and currently, cough drops. Once I get in bed, I journal, take my gummies and my inhaler and I’m ready for dreamland.

That’s it! I’ve gone through the 5 systems have helped me the most. They each have added some efficiency and normalcy to my life. And the best part is, allow me to have a routine.

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