Why I’m not having a Black Friday sale

While I’m not sure about other countries, Black Friday sales are HUGE in America. Everyone seems to have them and a lot of stores release them early now. Some even start their sales on Thursday after everyone has stuffed their bellies with turkey, pies and all the extras. This year I decided to not have a sale and I want to tell you why.

I’ve always been one of those people that shops when I want or need something. I like sales, but tend to not wait for one if I want something bad enough. But the Clearance rack is something I always check! I look at Black Friday differently than most. To a lot of my friends and family, they see the adventure or the challenge behind getting the deal. I see it as buying excessively or purchasing things that are necessities. Yes, some of the deals are great, but is it worth it to buy something just to buy something? I’m not sure.

Almost every company that has something to sell will have deals. In 2018, Black Friday raked in over $6 Billion dollars just in online sales! Yes, billion with a B. That’s HUGE money! This year, that number is expected to double. Many of the people that spend on this “holiday” go into debt too. That’s not a good idea for anyone!

Ultimately the reason I’m not having a sale is because for the most part, I don’t buy into the hype. Purchases made are for items that are needed and serve a purpose. That includes gifts for others. If you’re looking to shop my site, you still can! Our Shop has a Quick Guide and a Workshop available and there is Coaching available through Just Live Mindfully.

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend. Instead of going on the hunt for the best deal, search for the activity to do with your friends and family…that doesn’t involve spending a ton of money.

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